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Teresa Li-Taylor
I first heard of Bikram Yoga from my sister in Vancouver, Canada.  Her whole family has been practicing Bikram Yoga for over a year.  When the studio in Fremont opened in October, 2003, I signed up out of curiosity.  The first class turned out to be an eye opener, I left energized and felt good the entire day.  Seeing other experienced yogis in the class inspired me to set higher goals of becoming more flexible. However, the best benefit for me has been stress reduction.  Being a mother of two elementary school children and working a full-time job, I found myself stressed out all day long.  Doing Bikram yoga has brought balance into my life and has improved my mental, emotional and physical health tremendously.  I am more calm and patient with my family and can concentrate better at work.  I feel fortunate to have found something that helps me in so many ways.

Diana M. Blaine
Where to begin.  Bikram's Yoga is a different experience for every class that you participate in.  From my first class, I was convinced that this was and is a winner program.  The intense heat and humidity helps you to sweat and keep the heart rate up, which provides a great cardiovascular work out.  The standing postures help to improve your balance as well as strength, flexibility and stretch.  The floor postures continue to improve on these attributes as well as your endurance.  You leave the class feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally.  For myself, I've seen improvements in my total body which includes posture, weight, knees, ankles and stress level.  I've gone from being overweight, knees that were not functional, swollen ankles, back problems, and stressed out to someone that has been healed.  Bikram's Yoga has made me more aware of my body parts and how any physical ailment can be greatly improved by doing Yoga. 

Bikram's Yoga can improve the physical body which leads into improving the clarity of thought and stabilizing the emotions.

Kay Subrahmanyam

I had done traditional Iyengar Yoga in the past, but out of curiosity I joined Bikram Yoga.  I was already a believer in benefits from Yoga but not sure what advantages the "heated" teaching room would offer.


I have been battling bone spurs (calcium deposits) in my ankle bone for many years.   This used to cause unbearable pain in my feet as the spurs cuts into the tissues when any pressure is applied (like walking).  So there is internal bleeding and consequent inflammation.  There was one occasion when I had to cancel a business trip because I just couldn't walk because of the pain.  It is compounded by poor weight control. And when one is over 40, it does not get easier with the life style and constant running towards or away from all stress inducing situations.


After two months of attending classes, (I admit I have not been a regular attendee) I could say with no hesitation that my spurs are healed.

Not only did the healing start, but I have also lost some weight.  I would also like to add that being more regular would definitely improve my stress level and enjoy every waking moment.  It is also coincidentally very spiritually uplifting.  After all, prana -or breath which is the very essence of life is being improved and hence longevity and better living.  Towards that, I am very grateful to the teachers at Bikram Yoga Fremont for their passion with the school and commitment to flexibility and superior service.


-Heartfelt thanks from a loyal student

Kay Subrahmanyam

"Bikram Yoga has helped me focus and concentrate on my everyday life.  Regular practice helps me to live in the moment, so that I feel less stress.  I also go to sleep in a few seconds if I had practiced yoga that day.  I strongly believe that Bikram Yoga is a 90 minute mediation and it is good for both the Body and the Mind."


"The power of yoga pulled me through the mid-life phase.  It energized and re-balanced my life."


"Yoga has helped me release tension, stretch muscles, and tone in places I never thought possible.  Overall it helps me feel better and I feel the difference when I don't take class".

-Anonymous student at Bikram Yoga Fremont

"Doing yoga makes me more aware of my body, and afterwards I feel as if I'm floating and a cloud- much more relaxed."


"I have been doing Bikram Yoga for six months and I absolutely love it.  It has significantly reduced my back problems, as well as alleviated leg aches.  Overall, I feel much more fit and healthy."


"Bikram Yoga has saved my life.  It keeps me feeling energized, positive, and rejuvenated.  It keeps me from becoming a size 20 (considering how much I eat).  I especially like the balancing poses becuase they help me stay focused in life.  Bikram Yoga nourished my body, mind, and soul."


"I've been feeling great!  After my spine (cervical) surgery in 2004, the pain came right back.  My doctor recommended another surgery, but since I've been doing yoga, the pain has been eased and I passed on the second surgery.  Everytime I do yoga, I feel like a came from therapy.  It feels good."


"I've been taking Bikram Yoga for approximately 4 to 5 months now and I've never felt better.  I feel stronger physically and emotionally.  I feel like I have more energy and I feel more peaceful with myself.  Yoga has also helped me with my long distance running.  My 10K and half marathon times have improved by 5-10 minutes".


"Bikram Yoga has alleviated my chronic shoulder pain.  Attending the class regularly has increased my focus and energy.  After six months of attendance my strength and flexibility has improved."

-Anonymous Bikram Yoga Fremont student

"Yoga is the thing you love to hate!  It has helped me with my mental thoughts.  I am in menopause and I've noticed that my thoughts shift around a lot.  So it seems that with yoga I have been thinking clearer.  What a great benefit!"


"Bikram Yoga has been amazing.  It is a special 90 minutes where I get to focus on my spirit, and how my life can be better every day.  Bikram Yoga has helped me live to a higher potential."


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