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Bikram and Greg at Summer 2004 Teacher Training Graduation

Greg Ja

I began my yoga journey in 2003, as a gift to myself on my 28th birthday (I didn’t really know that at the time). I was burnt out of my marketing position in a biotech supply company- too much travel and the underlying feeling that there was a greater purpose for me on this Earth. My little sister, Cindy, had been practicing yoga for over two years and yoga wasn’t really something I considered trying, until my sister told me that she was quitting her corporate job and attending Bikram Yoga Teacher Training- a nine week full immersion teacher training program.  And in the Fall of 2004 I was the proud studio director/owner of Bikram Yoga Fremont.

I vividly remember one of my very first Bikram classes at Bikram Yoga, Walnut Creek. I was about 15 lbs. overweight at the time. The studio owner and teacher Bill Wee was trying to correct my triangle posture, and at the time it was just impossible for me to understand the mechanics of the posture. But with constant practice, eight months later I was ready to attend Teacher Training and leave the Biotech world for the Yoga world! I enjoy the tremendous satisfaction when I can help students realize that they hold all the power.  As my teacher Bikram Choudhury states, “It’s the mind over the matter, Bengal Tiger strength, English Bulldog determination, you have no idea Your power Within.”

“Come discover your potential at Bikram Yoga Fremont-  practice yoga at least three times per week- think of the time spent as an investment in yourself and your family.  It’s very true,  One never truly appreciates his good health, until the good health sours. Through a diligent yoga practice, you will live a longer and healthier life, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and share your positive energy with the World.”

I would be happy to answer any of your questions:  greg@bikramyogafremont.com or call (510) 305-7402 (cell)

Melinda "Tortuga" McCurdy
I took my first yoga class at the YMCA in San Jose in 1968. Something hooked me in right away; however "Life" interfered with my practice for a few decades!  I began practicing again in Carmel at Tri Yoga in 1987. I enjoyed the Kali-Ray flow and also Iyengar based classes.  In 2007 I took a Bikram class, crawled out of the hot room on all fours, and have never looked back.  I completed teacher training in Fall 2010 in San Diego and am thrilled to be teaching here in Fremont.

The Bikram sequence practiced in the heat is truly powerful and life affirming.  Every class is a challenge, every class is unique, and every class will connect your body, mind and spirit.  I  celebrate my 64th birthday in August  and I could not receive a better gift than being a Bikram Yoga Teacher.
Jenn Field

Jenn walked into her first Bikram’s Beginners Yoga class in 2002 and immediately felt a special connection to the practice. She understands that ultimately, it is in one’s mind where you find Bikram’s true benefits. She believes that a consistent practice of Bikram yoga taps into an energy source that has the ability to allow the practitioner to transcend the physical body and begin to experience life with a deeper level of awareness and peace. In 2008, Jenn attended Bikram's Teacher Training in Acapuloco, Mexico. She has been teaching Bikram's Beginners Class for the past 3.5 years and Advanced Bikram for the past two years. Although Bikram is her favorite practice, she has over 500 hours of additional training in various traditions of yoga and yoga theraputics. She has trained with some of the most talented instructors on the planet including Tony Sanchez, Mark Stephens, and Janet Stone. Her additional knowledge of yoga and the body only enhances the way she teaches the Bikram series. Her yogic path thus far has led her Mexico, Italy, Africa, and India. Jenn has spent 10 full days in meditation at an ashram in India and has practiced yoga on the banks of Kerela and the deserts of Morocco. She is excited to join the Fremont studio and share her passion for yoga. To read more about Jenn, please visit jennfieldyoga.com
Andi Martin

In July of 2002, Andi had a kidney surgery to correct a congenital kidney defect.  Following the surgery, she was in level 7 out of 10 pain everyday; it hurt to move and it hurt to breathe. Diagnosed with chronic neuropathic pain, she was on opiate therapy for 5 years and was getting desperate for another solution. Bikram is fond of saying, "Pain kills the pain," and Andi listened to her teachers and returned to the hot room as often as possible. After 1 year of steady practice, Andi needed only a fraction of the painkillers that she had before. In December of 2008, Andi attended Bikram's Yoga College of India in Acapulco, Mexico. She has never needed a painkiller since.

"Bikram yoga has completely transformed my life, and I am very blessed and happy to be able to teach it to others."
Kelly Gibson
“Practicing Bikram Yoga has brought, health, strength, energy and vitality to my body and a connection to all things in my life in a deeper aspect than I had ever imagined possible. My view of beauty has expanded immensely. After decades of competitive sports and five knee surgeries my body was broken and I woke up feeling sore every morning. I could not walk down stairs and I had all sorts of aches and pains that I assumed was a natural part of growing old. After my first class, I felt a cleanness, I had never felt before in my life. After practicing Bikram yoga for only a few months, my aches and pains went away. My Ultimate Frisbee team members noticed my enhanced athletic performance and wanted to know what my secret was. Bikram yoga is no secret, it is like health juice for our minds and bodies. When I teach, I desire for every student to gain health and healing, and to feel tapped in to their powerful selves. Teaching Yoga has brought me so much joy. I am amazed and honored to work and be a part of this journey with the students at Bikram Yoga Fremont."
Rachel Hough in Camel Pose
Rachel Hough was just 17 years old when her dad brought her into her first Bikram yoga class. Having tried her hand at no less than 5 different sports during her years in High School, upon her first class she finally felt as though she found a physical discipline that was holistically challenging enough to keep her interest. She practiced inconsistently for the first couple of years until a bout of carpel tunnel from waitressing sent her back to the yoga room to heal her misalignment. When her chronic pain was absolutely cured from the series, she was deeply convinced of the importance of the practice to her health and began to practice as much as she was able.

By the age of 21 she was so inspired by the practice and the changes she saw taking place in herself and those around her, that she decided to expand her natural understanding of the practice to a whole new level and attend Bikram's Teacher Training in the fall of 2010,
Since then she has taught close to nonstop, continuing to learn and grow in her practice and teaching style by learning from the fellow teachers and students along the way. Rachel loves the inclusivity of yoga, the never ending opportunity to grow, and the absolute honor and inspiration of witnessing people work towards their health. It is truly a heart passion and joy for her to be a bridge for people's greater understanding of their body and practice.

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