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Save money as a student – Loans

You can’t afford to buy what you want and you generally have a hard time getting the money, especially at the end of the month. If you are a student and at SU, you can certainly not recognize this situation. As a student, the money is often small and it can be challenging to get Read More

Real estate loan over 30 years: advantages and disadvantages

Interest rates remain at historically low levels favoring financing conditions as borrowing terms are lengthening. Should I borrow over 30 years or more? Today, banks do not hesitate to lend to 25 or 30 years, or even 35 years. This increase in borrowing times can be explained, on the one hand, by the rise in Read More

3000 USD Loan without credit bureau

For customers with old debts, negative entries in the credit bureau or low income banks often refuse the promise. Exactly 3000 USD credit without credit bureau does not currently offer a foreign bank. Apply now for a loan without a credit bureau request and without a credit bureau entry. Are you looking for a 3000 Read More

Pay off an auto loan early

When borrowing money from a credit institution or a bank, one undertakes to repay the monthly payments for a period determined by the loan agreement. However, it is possible to pay the amount to be repaid before the end of the loan if by chance one receives an extra nest egg during the loan period. Read More

Car loan as a security – solid car finance

A car loan as a security is not only interesting when a car is to be purchased. It can also be put into action if another earmarked loan or a non-purposive loan is on the wish list. The only important thing is that the vehicle is also suitable as security. Why the car as security? Read More

Auto loan buyback, how to realize it?

The purchase of your car loan is an intermediate solution that allows the borrower to benefit from repayment conditions more suited to his financial capabilities. The institution that repurchases the car loan modifies the terms of the original loan agreement to better meet the reality of the subscriber. Why buy a car loan? The repurchase Read More

3500 US Dollar loan without credit bureau

Without credit bureau a Swiss loan for 3500 USD is very easy to get. Where do consumers get a Swiss loan without credit bureau for 3500 USD? The tried and tested concept was taken up again, as in the case of the 3,000 USD loan without credit bureau from Switzerland. The “new Swiss small loan” Read More

Short-term borrowing – instant payday loan online

However, there are times when you have to take out a loan to get out of the misery in the short term. Whether only the repair of the car or a new washing machine, which will blow up the household budget in the short term. Getting short-term loans can be hard with a credit. If Read More

How do I encourage a culture of saving in all the members of my family (Couple and children)?

In life there are habits that are gradually developed, which after the passage of time become cultural or characteristic features of a society, a family or a social circle. Within these cultural traits there are several that leave good fruits, such as honesty, kindness, responsibility, saving, healthy eating, exercising, etc. Promote the culture of saving Read More